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Dive into the world of cybersecurity with free Group-IB tools designed to fortify your email, network, and cloud defenses. Stay ahead with Group-IB’s updates on their GitHub, blog, and Twitter.

Group-IB Email Security Assessment

This automated security assessment tool is designed to test your email and network protection against targeted attacks.

The methodology of this tool is based on real-life attack scenarios that Group-IB has encountered and studied while responding to numerous cybersecurity incidents around the world. With over 70,000 hours of incident response under their belt, Group-IB uses this wealth of experience to test your defenses in a safe and controlled manner.

Group-IB Email Security Assessment Trebuchet
Group-IB Email Security Assessment Trebuchet

One of the highlights of this tool is its safe testing mechanism. All malware samples used in Trebuchet’s tests are modified to prevent access for attackers. However, to ensure utmost safety, it’s still advised not to open attachments or click on the links used in the test.

The tool operates by sending you various types of test emails, all labeled with the subject “Email security test…”. The outcome of these tests will inform you about the state of your email security.

If any of the test emails land in your inbox, it’s a red flag: your security can be easily bypassed by cybercriminals. On the other hand, if your email security solutions quarantine all the test scenarios and none of them land in your inbox, you can breathe a sigh of relief – your email security is working effectively.

Group-IB Network Security Assessment

Group-IB offers a formidable tool to check the strength of your defenses – the Network Protection Assessment. This free tool helps you evaluate the effectiveness of your protection mechanisms and identifies any potential flaws in your current approach.

What sets this tool apart is its basis in real-world experiences. The Network Protection Assessment tool uses real attacks and bypass techniques witnessed in advanced targeted attacks. This gives you a clear and realistic picture of how your network would stand against actual cyber threats.

Enum S3 Buckets and SaaS: Enhance Your Cloud Security with Group-IB

As businesses increasingly move to the cloud, ensuring the security of cloud storage and Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms becomes paramount. Group-IB offers a powerful tool called “cloud_sherlock” to help with this task. This tool is designed to enumerate S3 buckets and SaaS platforms, helping to identify potential vulnerabilities and secure your cloud environment.

Enum S3 Buckets and SaaS with Cloud Sherlock by Group-IB
Enum S3 Buckets and SaaS with Cloud Sherlock by Group-IB

Currently, cloud_sherlock supports a variety of services, providing a comprehensive approach to cloud security. These include popular collaboration platforms like Slack, Atlassian, and Salesforce, as well as a number of S3 services such as Scaleway, Exoscale, OVHCloud, Ionos, Linode, Vultr, and Digital Ocean.

By using cloud_sherlock, you can get an in-depth view of the security status of your S3 buckets and SaaS platforms. This allows you to quickly identify and rectify any potential vulnerabilities, enhancing the security of your cloud storage and services.

Stay Connected and Stay Informed with Group-IB

As we have seen, Group-IB offers a range of free innovative tools that help businesses secure their email, network, and cloud environments. But the world of cybersecurity is always evolving, and it’s crucial to stay informed about the latest tools and trends. That’s why Group-IB provides multiple channels to keep you updated.

For the latest tools and code updates, you can follow Group-IB on GitHub at https://github.com/Group-IB/.

If you’re interested in in-depth analysis, news, and insights about cybersecurity, you can visit Group-IB’s blog at https://www.group-ib.com/blog/. The blog features articles from Group-IB’s experts and provides valuable information on a wide range of cybersecurity topics.

For real-time updates and alerts, follow Group-IB on Twitter. You can follow CERT-GIB at @CERTGIB for incident response and digital forensics news. For company updates and global cybersecurity news, follow Group-IB Global at @GroupIB. If you’re specifically interested in threat intelligence, Group-IB T.I. at @GroupIB_TI is the account to follow.

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