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Pentest is short for “penetration testing“. In a pentest, pentesters take on the role of a hacker. They try to access the tested IT environment in all kinds of ways and by all possible means. In this way they expose the weaknesses of your website, application or even entire IT infrastructure. After a pentest you can remedy these vulnerabilities, possible with targeted measures.

In the world of penetration tests, other names are also used such as; ethical hacking, legal hacking, hack test, security scan, vulnerability assessment and various compositions of these terms. The terms more or less amount to the same thing.

What is the duration of a pentest?

The duration of a pentest depends entirely on the intended purpose, the chosen method and the available budget. Some pentests are very specific to a specific website or application. Other pentests have a broader focus, often even on the entire IT infrastructure. Depending on its size and complexity, a pentest can take weeks or even months.

How do I recognize a good pentester?

Human work and creativity are indispensable features of a good pentester. If the pentest is largely automated, this is usually a bad sign. Human insight and creativity are crucial for a good test.

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