Latest cyberwarfare news

  • Story: The rise of a massive state controlled botnet 

    The world is at a global cyberwar, countries have declared war to each other, it is total chaos and there is no silver bullet to stop the war. The future, as how I see it, Read more
  • The Cyberwar frontier

    Remaining very nearly the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it is relied upon to change how organizations and countries will live, work and communicate with each other. This upheaval, otherwise called Industry 4.0, has been named as Read more
  • UK Prime Minister: EU take action on cyber-attacks

    Theresa May will urge EU leaders meeting in Brussels to create a new sanctions regime to crack down on governments found responsible for cyber-attacks. Amid growing fears about Russian meddling in foreign elections, including in Europe, and Read more
  • Nigeria dives into cyberwar with new division

    Nigeria’s army has launched a cyber-warfare division to help tackle fake news that can “distract and misinform public opinion” and help fight against terrorist activities online, army chief Gen Tukur Yusuf Buratai has announced. “The Read more
  • APT38 Research Paper by FireEye + Download

    APT38 is a financially motivated North Korean regime-backed group responsible for conducting destructive attacks against financial institutions, as well as some of the world’s largest cyber heists. Based on widely publicized operations alone, the group Read more