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By using the cyberwarzone site, you will be able to get a view on the cyberwarfare capabilities that some of the countries have.


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Cyber warfare

Cyber warfare contains all types of attacks that can be performed digitally or can impact digital systems. This means that on the Cyberwarzone site you will be able to find cyber warfare news which describes cyber-attacks which have been performed by state-actors, you will find cybercrime news and a wide range of research papers. The research papers that we have collected in the last 10 years all contain information that will advance your cyber security and cyber conflict knowledge.

Cyber warfare news

Finding cyber warfare news on state-threat actors like the United States, China, Russia, Iran and The Netherlands can be a real challenge, in order to help you forward, you can make use of the Cyberwarzone search, the search will help you to find various cyberwarfare news which has been collected.

Cyber warfare jobs

We also provide job offers on the site, this means that the chance is high that you can also find an awesome work environment via Cyberwarzone. Even better, if you have an application ready, then do not hesitate to contact us so that we can share it on the Cyberwarzone website.

Malware Analysis

A lot of the cyber-attacks that take place make use of malware, so it is also important to have a malware knowledge base, here on Cyberwarzone we have crafted such a knowledge base. The malware knowledge base contains all types of information on various malware families, we also include research papers and sources for each malware family that we discuss in the malware analysis articles.

Hacking news

We have to serve you hacking news, we keep track of successful cyber-attacks that have been published to the public. In order to do this, we keep track of various threat intelligence communities and we also scrape the web for this information.

Tutorials and Guides

We strongly believe that we need to give back to the community, and we have decided to do that by sharing knowledge. We have a huge tutorials and guides category, there you will find tutorials on various topics within the cyber security industry. This can be tutorials on how to use tools, and guides on how to install or program specific software and functionalities.

Download tools and samples

In the last years we have collected a wide range of cyber security tools and malware samples, and the great part about this is that all of this has been shared in the download category. So feel free to take a look there, and maybe you will find the tool of your dreams.