Man Sentenced to Four Months in Prison for Offering Phishing Panels via Telegram

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The Netherlands – A man who offered phishing panels via Telegram has been sentenced today by a magistrate to a four-month prison term, two of which are conditional. In addition, the man must forfeit €2,750 earned through the panels. Phishing panels are tools used by criminals to capture data entered by victims on phishing sites.

The suspect was renting out various phishing panels on Telegram, which is where the police caught wind of his activities. Officers then conducted an undercover operation by renting a panel to understand its functioning and gather more information about the suspect.

This operation ultimately led to the man’s arrest, with his phones and computer being seized.

Investigations into the seized devices revealed1 that the man possessed multiple phishing panels and had been renting them out for an extended period.

The Public Prosecution Service had demanded a six-month prison sentence, two of which were conditional. However, the magistrate sentenced him to four months, with a two-year probation period. The Public Prosecution Service emphasized the importance of reporting cybercrimes: “The more police and prosecutors know about cybercrime, the better the chance of catching the perpetrators. Reporting is therefore always important.”

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