Dorks Query Generator

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Estimated read time 1 min read

Introducing CWZ Dork Generator: A powerful tool for crafting custom search queries for the Google search engine. Tailor your searches by entering a keyword, specifying a domain, selecting a file type, and excluding unwanted keywords. Generate CWZ Dork queries instantly and efficiently. Explore precise search results, whether you’re researching specific topics, analyzing domains, or uncovering valuable files.

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Dorks Query Generator

Dorks Query Cheatsheet

CWZ Dork Generator Cheatsheet

Enter a keyword or search term to include in the query.
Example: Keyword: "product reviews"

Specific Domain:
Specify a specific domain to search within.
Example: Domain: ""

File Type:
Enter a specific file type to search for.
Example: File Type: "pdf"

Exclude Keyword:
Enter keywords to exclude from the search results.
Example: Exclude Keyword: "spam"

Generate Button:
Click the "Generate" button to create the CWZ Dork query based on your inputs.

The generated CWZ Dork query will be displayed in this section.

--- Example Query Generation ---

Keyword: "product reviews"
Specific Domain: ""
File Type: "pdf"
Exclude Keyword: "spam"

Result: filetype:pdf "product reviews" -"spam"