The Best Cybersecurity Tools (2023)

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Get the best cybersecurity tools across six categories that matter most to cyber professionals: Pentesting, DFIR, Vulnerability Assessments, Detection and Response, Proof of Concepts, and Threat Hunting.

Cybersecurity tools in your browser

Cybersecurity tools in your browser
Cybersecurity tools in your browser


CyberChef, known as the “Cyber Swiss Army Knife,” is a user-friendly web app for diverse cybersecurity tasks in your browser. It manages encoding, encryption (AES, DES, Blowfish), hashing, and more.

Suitable for all users, it simplifies data manipulation without complex tools.

Developed over years by an analyst, it’s ever-evolving. Its interface has input, output, operations list, and recipe area for crafting operation sequences. From converting time zones to dissecting IPv6 addresses, CyberChef automates complex tasks, making it a versatile toolbox for cybersecurity professionals.

Cyberchef online interface 2023
Cyberchef online interface 2023


A gateway to cryptography, coding, and data, Ciphereditor is a web app designed to inspire novices and experts in equal measure. This platform beckons users to delve into uncharted operations and construct personalized workflows.

CipherEditor interface 2023
CipherEditor interface 2023

Fusing education and productivity, Ciphereditor, crafted by Wierk, redefines interaction with cryptography, ciphers, and data. Its mission: to democratize these subjects, rendering them accessible to all.

The evolution of cryptii, a project originating in 2009, ciphereditor ushers in a new era of engaging with encryption, heralding a dynamic and user-friendly cybersecurity platform.

Cryptii project
Cryptii project

IOC editor

IOC editor is a free cybersecurity tool that allows you to quickly format indicators so they can be shared without them being clickable or live.

Top 25 Open Source Cyber Security Tools

Penetration Testing Tools

Penetration Testing Tools
Penetration Testing Tools

Kali Linux

Kali Linux reigns as a cybersecurity cornerstone. This operating system wields a formidable arsenal of over 300 tools tailored for security audits. Employed by organizations, Kali Linux scans networks and IT systems, unveiling vulnerabilities.

Kali Linux booting in Virtualbox VM
Kali Linux booting in Virtualbox VM

One of its strengths lies in accessibility—both novices and experts can wield its might. With a simple click, users can execute tools to monitor and manage network security.

Kali Linux Login screen 2023


Metasploit empowers IT and cybersecurity professionals in multifaceted penetration testing endeavors. Metasploit’s prowess extends to identifying vulnerabilities, devising defense strategies, and orchestrating comprehensive security assessments.

Metasploit for beginners video

From web-based applications to networks and servers, Metasploit’s domain knows no bounds. Swiftly detecting emerging vulnerabilities, it ensures ceaseless security vigilance. Moreover, it serves as a stalwart guardian, assessing IT infrastructure security against previously documented vulnerabilities.


Aircrack-ng offers a comprehensive toolkit. Tailored for cybersecurity professionals, it exposes network vulnerabilities by capturing data packets, ensuring constant surveillance. Aircrack-ng’s capabilities extend to exporting captured data to text files for further scrutiny. It enables both packet capture and injection. A critical facet of Aircrack-ng is its proficiency in testing the resilience of WPA-PSK and WEP keys.

Cybersecurity tools for DFIR

Cybersecurity tools for DFIR
Cybersecurity tools for DFIR


Tcpdump excels at packet sniffing. Cybersecurity professionals rely on it to monitor and log TCP and IP traffic, scrutinizing network security in real time. Operating through commands, Tcpdump analyzes traffic between the host computer and the network, capturing or filtering TCP/IP data on a specific interface. This versatile tool decodes network traffic’s packet contents in varied formats, aiding in precise security assessment.


Formerly Ethereal, Wireshark is one of the best cybersecurity tools out there. This tool excels in real-time network protocol analysis, making it a staple for dissecting network security.

Wireshark tool
Wireshark tool

Operating through protocol examination and live network sniffing, Wireshark diligently uncovers vulnerabilities. Its prowess spans from scrutinizing connection levels to delving into every data packet, furnishing security professionals with invaluable insights. By capturing and investigating data packet characteristics, Wireshark empowers easy identification of network security weaknesses, a crucial asset in the hands of security practitioners.

TheHive project

A cornerstone of Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR), TheHive Project redefines accessible incident handling. This open-source tool boasts an intuitive GUI, fostering efficient and secure DFIR workflows.

Key features:

  1. Collaborate: Incorporates live stream functionality for seamless cooperation between digital forensic experts and law enforcement during investigations.
  2. Elaborate: Employs industry metrics to automate tasks, tag crucial evidence, and enhance efficiency.
  3. Act: Enables adding observables to cases and issuing alerts directly from the platform. Accelerates threat identification and investigation pace.
  4. Write: Allows crafting custom analyzers using preferred programming languages, ensuring adaptability.
  5. Run: Facilitates bulk import of observables for analysis, parsing, or tailored display.
  6. Execute: Offers an array of pre-built analyzers (VirusTotal, Google Safe Browsing, Shodan, etc.) to expedite investigations.

In the DFIR landscape, TheHive Project is a pivotal ally, streamlining incident response accessibility and precision.

Forest Druid

Forest Druid is a free attack path discovery tool seamlessly integrated with Active Directory. Its mission: expedite identification of high-risk misconfigurations—potential gateways for attackers to infiltrate privileged domains.

Forest Druid empowers users to:

  1. Identify Access Points: Spotlight groups and accounts with Tier 0 asset access, illuminating potential vulnerabilities.
  2. Enhance Asset Definition: Illuminate Tier 0 assets beyond default configurations, eliminating potential blind spots.
  3. Scan for Risk: Thoroughly scan Active Directory for high-risk violations, bolstering proactive defense strategies.
  4. Prioritize Protection: Apply analysis results to Tier 0 asset safeguarding. Strategically curtail excessive privileges, fortifying resilience.

Cybersecurity tools for Vulnerability Assessments


Nmap, the network mapper, stands as an open-source cybersecurity stalwart. This tool scans networks and IT systems, pinpointing lurking security vulnerabilities. Beyond vulnerability identification, Nmap excels in mapping potential attack surfaces and tracking service or host uptime. Its prowess extends across major operating systems, making it versatile for assessing web vulnerabilities within both expansive and compact networks. Nmap delivers a comprehensive overview of network characteristics, unveiling connected hosts, deployed firewalls, and the running operating system.

Quickly Learn To Use Nmap in Kali Linux (with 2023 Examples)


A cybersecurity champion of web vulnerability detection, Nikto thrives in open-source territory. Cybersecurity experts wield it to conduct exhaustive scans and manage web vulnerabilities. Armed with a vast database encompassing over 6400 threat types, Nikto’s scans yield results compared against this extensive repository. From web servers to networks, its purview is vast. Regular database updates facilitate swift identification of emerging vulnerabilities, reinforced by a steady stream of compatible plugins to adapt to diverse systems.


Nexpose for real-time vulnerability management within on-premise infrastructures. This cybersecurity gem aids in detecting, minimizing, and strengthening potential weak points in systems. It provides security teams with a live vantage point of network activities, enabling proactive defense. Refreshing its database in sync with evolving threat landscapes, Nexpose ensures adaptability. The ability to assign risk scores to vulnerabilities streamlines prioritization and coordinated responses.

Paros Proxy

Java-powered Paros Proxy embodies a collection of vital tools for unveiling web vulnerabilities. Vulnerability scanners, web spiders, and real-time traffic recorders are among its arsenal. Paros Proxy excels in spotting intrusion points, sniffing out threats like cross-site scripting and SQL injection attacks. Its flexibility in editing through HTTP/HTTPS or basic Java renders it an asset in preempting cyber threats before they breach network defenses.

Burp suite

This tool empowers security teams with real-time scans, pinpointing critical vulnerabilities. Beyond detection, Burp Suite’s prowess lies in simulating attacks, revealing tactics cyber threats employ to compromise networks. The tool exists in three versions: Enterprise, Community, and Professional. While Enterprise and Professional are commercial, Community is free with certain features restricted. It offers essential manual tools, making it apt for businesses, though potentially pricey for small enterprises.

Nessus Professional

Nessus Professional stands as a linchpin in network integrity enhancement. It’s instrumental in rectifying security configuration errors, incorrect patches, and more. Detecting vulnerabilities and managing them effectively, it covers software bugs, incomplete patches, and security misconfigurations across operating systems, applications, and IT devices.

Nessus Professional’s pro version empowers admins and security staff with an open-source vulnerability scanner, identifying potential exploits. The tool’s daily database updates offer real-time threat data, ensuring current vulnerability insights. Its strength lies in its extensive array of security plugins, allowing users to tailor scans to individual networks and systems.

Cybersecurity Tools for Detection and Response

Cybersecurity Tools for Detection and Response
Cybersecurity Tools for Detection and Response


Snort stands as an open-source network intrusion detection and prevention system. This tools delves into network traffic, pinpointing attempted intrusions. Armed with embedded detection tools, it captures and scrutinizes network activity against a database of recorded attack profiles. These tools trigger alerts for potential intrusions, while prevention mechanisms block malicious traffic.

Snort’s merits extend far and wide, boasting compatibility across diverse operating systems and hardware. Its capabilities span protocol analysis, data matching from network traffic, and unearthing network-specific frequent attacks—CGI, buffer overflow, stealth port scanning, fingerprinting, and more.

Cuckoo Sandbox

A sentinel of Detection and Response, Cuckoo Sandbox reigns as a potent cybersecurity tool. Its mission: to uncover lurking threats by meticulously analyzing suspicious files and behaviors.

Key features:

  1. Dynamic Analysis: Cuckoo Sandbox delves beyond static analysis, immersing itself in dynamic inspection of files and their behavior. This real-time scrutiny unveils hidden threats that evade conventional detection.
  2. Behavioral Profiling: Armed with behavior analysis, Cuckoo Sandbox dissects files’ actions within a controlled environment. It discerns malicious patterns, shedding light on elusive threats.
  3. Customizable Environments: This tool crafts controlled environments tailored to replicate specific systems. This empowers deep analysis of malware, ensuring precise threat understanding.
  4. Threat Intelligence: Leveraging a vast repository of threat intelligence, Cuckoo Sandbox equips defenders with insights into emerging threats. This proactive approach bolsters response strategies.
  5. Scalability: With scalable architecture, Cuckoo Sandbox adapts to varying workloads, optimizing efficiency across diverse environments.


YARA’s core strength lies in its expert pattern recognition abilities. Guided by predefined rules, it diligently examines files, promptly flagging attributes such as malware signatures and unique patterns. This dynamic tool’s flexibility empowers analysts to craft rules tailored to specific file attributes, facilitating precise classification in varying threat landscapes. Delving beyond surface traits, YARA conducts in-depth binary analysis, uncovering insights that enrich an cybersecurity analyst’s understanding of file contents.

Create YARA rules online (guide with tool)

Cybersecurity Proof Of Concepts (PoC) tools

GitHub, an emblem of collaboration, emerges as an ideal hub for accessing Proof of Concept (PoC) codes—an invaluable resource in fortifying against vulnerabilities (CVEs). Within this realm, cybersecurity researchers often expeditiously release PoC codes and accompanying guides, offering a dynamic defense mechanism against detected vulnerabilities., formerly known as, emerges as an unexpected haven for the exchange of Proof of Concept (PoC) information—a valuable resource in the realm of cybersecurity. serves as a dynamic crossroads where the currents of cybersecurity news and Proof of Concept (PoC) discussions intersect.

Within dedicated subreddit communities, cybersecurity practitioners engage in candid discussions. These discussions often revolve around recent cybersecurity news, emerging vulnerabilities, and insightful case studies. In this context, PoC codes find their place.

Cybersecurity tools you don’t want to miss (2023)

So we browse the web, Twitter (X), Github etc etc, and when we find a top cybersecurity tool we really like, we make sure to add it here. As you can see, there is already a wide range of top cybersecurity tools that have been listed here by us.

Date Tool Name Category User Description URL
2023-08-29 Kali Linux Pentesting RezaRafati Kali Linux is an open-source, Debian-based Linux distribution geared towards various information security tasks, such as Penetration Testing, Security Research, Computer Forensics and Reverse Engineering. Learn more
2023-08-29 Metasploit Pentesting RezaRafati The world’s most used penetration testing framework Learn more
2023-08-29 Virustotal Threat hunting RezaRafati Analyse suspicious files, domains, IPs and URLs to detect malware and other breaches, automatically share them with the security community. Learn more
2023-08-29 BucketLoot Pentesting RezaRafati This powerful tool can extract assets, flag secret exposures, and search for custom keywords or Regular Expressions from publicly exposed storage buckets by scanning plaintext data files. Learn more
2023-08-30 DJI Digital Forensics Kit DFIR RezaRafati DroneXtract can analyze drone sensor values and telemetry data, visualize drone flight maps, audit for criminal activity, and extract pertinent data within multiple file formats. Learn more
2023-08-30 ASNmap Threat hunting RezaRafati ASNmap enables threat hunters to map organization network ranges using ASN information. By leveraging ASN to CIDR lookups and ORG to CIDR lookups. Learn more
2023-09-04 URLscan Threat hunting RezaRafati is a free online service that allows you to analyze websites, identifying potential threats such as phishing, malware, and more. Learn more
2023-09-12 Red Hawk Vulnerability Assessments RezaRafati All in one tool for Information Gathering and Vulnerability Scanning Learn more
2023-09-17 Fiddler Pentesting RezaRafati Strong Web debugging proxy Learn more
2023-09-22 X-Osint Pentesting RezaRafati This is an Open source intelligent framework. Learn more
2023-09-25 z9 PowerShell Log Analyzer DFIR RezaRafati This tools detects the artifact of the PowerShell based malware from the eventlog of PowerShell logging. Learn more
2023-09-29 Phishing Catcher Threat hunting RezaRafati Catch possible phishing domains in near real time by looking for suspicious TLS certificate issuances reported to the Certificate Transparency Log (CTL) Learn more
2023-09-29 Batch-obfuscator Pentesting RezaRafati Easy way to obfuscuate Windows batch files. Learn more
2023-09-29 SomalifuscatorV2 Pentesting RezaRafati A fast and very customizable Obfuscator Learn more
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