Hit By The Black Basta ransomware

Estimated read time 1 min read, a subsidiary of Maytec GmbH, renowned for its technological solutions and industrial components, appears to have been ensnared by the Black Basta ransomware gang.

The Attack on, an integral part of Maytec GmbH with four decades of expertise in high-temperature materials testing equipment, has reportedly been listed on a ransomware site controlled by Black Basta. The gang, known for its brutal efficiency, encrypts victims’ files and demands a ransom. Hit By The Black Basta ransomware Hit By The Black Basta ransomware

The listing indicates a possible breach at, potentially involving sensitive data and operational disruption.

The Black Basta gang has been a looming threat in the cybersecurity landscape. Their modus operandi involves encrypting files of the targeted entity and then demanding ransom for decryption. Their listing of suggests a concerning escalation in their activities, targeting a company with significant industrial impact.

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