US Health Department Issues Warning After Ransomware Attack on Cancer Center

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TimiSoaraHackerTeam strikes again, and this time, they’re going after our most vulnerable. An infamous hacker group, known as TimiSoaraHackerTeam, launched a ransomware attack on a US-based cancer center earlier this month. The event prompted a stern warning from the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to healthcare facilities across the nation.

TimiSoaraHackerTeam Strikes

Formed in 2018, this rogue group is no stranger to exploiting the weaknesses of health institutions. Their recent attack on a US cancer center severely restricted patient treatment, making digital services unavailable and jeopardizing personal health records. They even stole personal data, with threats of making it public.

A Trail of Destruction

But this isn’t their first rodeo. In 2021, the TimiSoaraHackerTeam was reportedly behind a similar attack on a French hospital. Their mode of operation? Exploiting poorly secured Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) access and well-known vulnerabilities in the Fortinet VPN solution and Microsoft Exchange Server.

Weapons of Choice

When it comes to encrypting files, these cyber villains lean towards using tools like Microsoft BitLocker and BestCrypt encryption software. Their tactics, combined with their persistence, have caused chaos in the healthcare sector, and it’s high time we start paying attention.

The US Department of Health and Human Services urges everyone to keep their products up-to-date and to stay vigilant for any unusual activity.

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