Heard of the TimiSoaraHackerTeam? You Should Have

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Tthe TimiSoaraHackerTeam, they’re a group of hackers who’ve been causing quite a stir. They’re not your run-of-the-mill hackers, though. They’ve got a penchant for healthcare institutions and aren’t afraid to hit where it hurts.


Making Headlines

You’ve probably heard about their recent mischief. A U.S. cancer center was their latest target. Their actions caused a real mess, disrupting patient care and even putting health data at risk. And it wasn’t their first rodeo. Back in 2021, a French hospital felt their sting, too. They’re a global problem and they’re not slowing down.

How They Break In

So, how do they get in? The TimiSoaraHackerTeam loves a good vulnerability. They hit weak spots in Fortinet VPN, Microsoft Exchange Server, and poorly secured Remote Desktop Protocol access. Once they’re in, they’re tough to get out.

Their Tools of Choice

And what do they do once they’re in? They lock down files with encryption tools like Microsoft BitLocker and Jetico’s BestCrypt. These tools are like their digital lock and key. With them, they control who gets in and who doesn’t.

A Warning for All

In response, U.S. and Israeli health bodies have sent out warnings (United States), warning(Israel). They’re urging everyone to keep Fortinet and Microsoft products patched and to keep an eye out for anything unusual.

Enter DeepBlueMagic

And here’s where things get interesting. There’s another kid on the block – DeepBlueMagic. They’re similar to the TimiSoaraHackerTeam, so similar that some people think they might be the same group, just evolved. Like their possible predecessors, they’ve been linked to an attack on a healthcare center, this time in Israel.

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