Hacktivist Group “Killnet” Claims Responsibility for Cyberattacks on EIB.org and EIF.org

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In a recent revelation, the hacker collective known as “Killnet” has claimed responsibility for the cyberattacks targeting the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the European Investment Fund (EIF) websites.

According to a statement published on the EIB’s official Twitter account, “We are currently facing a cyber attack which affects the availability of http://eib.org and http://eif.org. We are responding to the incident.” This message left the financial institutions’ users and stakeholders in anticipation of more information and clarity regarding the severity of the attacks.

Soon after the EIB’s announcement, Killnet claimed responsibility for these cyberattacks via their own online platforms. The group, known for their disruptive cyber activities, did not provide an immediate rationale behind these attacks on two prominent financial institutions.

Killnet’s claim has yet to be independently verified. However, if true, this incident marks another attacl in their growing portfolio of cyber attacks. This alleged assault on EIB and EIF, two significant entities in the European financial landscape, underscores the expanding threat that hacktivist groups like Killnet represent to institutions worldwide.

As of now, there’s no disclosure about what data, if any, may have been compromised in the attack. Both EIB and EIF have stated they are actively responding to the incident and will presumably be conducting an in-depth investigation to evaluate the extent of the potential breach.

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