Group-IB Confirms Leak of New “BreachForums” Database, Competitor Suspected

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Cybersecurity firm Group-IB has confirmed the leak of the database of the newly initiated online platform, BreachForums. In a recent announcement, Group-IB verified the authenticity of the data leak, indicating that the information circulating is indeed genuine.

Interestingly, responsibility for the data breach was claimed by a rival platform, Exposed[.]vc. The motives behind this cyberattack remain unclear, although competition between these forums is suspected to be a key factor.

Following the incident, both platforms, BreachForums[.]vc and Exposed[.]vc, are currently offline, leaving users and observers with more questions than answers. This incident underscores the ever-growing complexity and persistence of cyber threats, even amongst competing platforms in the cybersecurity domain.

Reza Rafati

Reza Rafati, based in the Netherlands, is the founder of An industry professional providing insightful commentary on infosec, cybercrime, cyberwar, and threat intelligence, Reza dedicates his work to bolster digital defenses and promote cyber awareness.

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