Z-CERT on The European and Dutch Healthcare sector

The Dutch healthcare sector has witnessed an increasing number of cyber threats in recent years. Ransomware and financial fraud are among the most common dangers, leaving organizations vulnerable to data leaks and system disruptions.

Ransomware Attacks: A Growing Threat to Dutch Healthcare

In 2022, ransomware attacks have caused significant disruptions to Dutch healthcare institutions, with at least five incidents reported by Z-CERT. Hospitals are not the only targets; smaller organizations and practices are also at risk. The impact of ransomware attacks has been considerably higher in 2022 compared to the previous year, demonstrating the need for heightened security measures.

Financial Fraud: A Persistent Menace to the Health Sector

Financial fraud is another prevalent cyber threat in the Dutch healthcare sector. Cybercriminals often target healthcare organizations to gain access to sensitive patient data and exploit it for financial gain. This can result in unauthorized transactions, identity theft, and significant financial losses for healthcare providers.

Type of CyberattackPercentage
Financial Fraud Attempt – Cyber-related42%
Credential Phishing22%
DDoS Supplier10%
Ransomware Supplier6%
Data Breaches – Cyber-related1%
DDoS Attacks1%
Financial Fraud1%
This is an overview of the most common cyberattacks in the Dutch health sector (source Z-CERT)

Strengthening Cybersecurity: People, Process, and Technology

To counter these cyber threats, healthcare organizations must invest in a comprehensive security approach that covers people, processes, and technology. This includes raising employee awareness, implementing robust security policies, and adopting advanced technology solutions. Collaboration with cybersecurity experts like Z-CERT can further enhance an organization’s security posture.

Affected Product/ServiceImpact on Healthcare Institution
Pharmacy SoftwareMaintenance Delay
Creditors/InvoicingNo Invoicing for a Few Days
Website HostingWebsite Offline for a Few Hours
Authentication SolutionData Breach
DiagnosticsMaintenance Delay
Real EstateData Breach
Primary Care AutomationCompany Unreachable
Ransomware supply chain impact on Dutch health care suppliers (source Z-CERT)

The Importance of Cloud Security in Healthcare

As healthcare organizations increasingly adopt cloud services, they must recognize the potential risks associated with cloud-based applications. Ensuring proper agreements with service providers and testing security measures can help mitigate these risks and protect critical healthcare processes.

Safeguarding the Future of Dutch Healthcare

With the digitalization of healthcare services, ensuring the security of patient data and ICT systems is crucial. By understanding the current cyber threat landscape and implementing robust security measures, healthcare organizations in the Netherlands can better protect themselves from ransomware, financial fraud, and other cyber risks.

Youth Care1%
Home Care1%
Mental Health Care1%
Disability Care2%
Elderly Care4%
Health Authority4%
Primary Care (1st Line)7%
Amount of Ransomware attacks on the European Health Sector (source Z-CERT)

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