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YourAnonNews twitter account might get banned soon after the missing 35K dollars

The @YourAnonNews twitter account which holds 1.24 million followers is responsible for the missing of 35.000 dollar. Last March a collective was held in order to start an Anonymous-related news site that would publish official and the latest news on Anonymous operations.

The problem which the @YourAnonNews Twitter account is having is the request which is made by Anonymous members to delete the Twitter account as it is a powerfull tool which misled millions of users.

The Message to Twitter reads

This person stole from your community. Not ours. Not Anonymous. But from Twitter. We are not prone to begging, you know that. It’s not our style. But we are asking you, in the most serious way, to not fulfill this request. No one that has abused your service, and misled thousands of your users, for their own personal profit, should be allowed retain control of this account. We would rather see it burnt to the ground…

Do not turn this account over to someone that has used it to steal your users’ money. We fought very hard to remove him. Do not permit this abuse of your service to be repeated.

As you can imagine, this will have a major impact on the Anonymous movement as one of the main Twitter accounts which provides news on Anonymous operations is going to be taken down.

A blog which has been released on Vice talks about the possibility that legal actions will be taken against the Twitter account holder that is reponsible for the missing of the massive amount of money.

Others are discussing the possibility of legal action, citing a recent development in the crowdfunding landscape that has Washington state attorney general Bob Ferguson currently suing a playing card manufacturer for failing to deliver the goods after a successful Kickstarter campaign. As for whether a YourAnonNews site will ever materialize, that seems unlikely at this point. Rustle League leader @meepkittyfuck, in a fit of seriousness, thinks even if the news site was eventually created, “too much time has passed, too much damage has been done to the name that there can be no recovery—the name has been tainted, forever.”

Please share and inform your community about the problems that the @YourAnonNews Twitter account is having, the account has been comprimized and it can be used to spread false information.