Your account is hacked! ransomware attack

Ransomware, Bitcoins and Threat Actors

Bitcoin wallet 1GL3psbvhB1pJJLQub8ABjPUstThPpfgnb

The bitcoin wallet used by the threat actor

It seems that the some victims have paid the threat actor. If we take a look at the wallet, we will see the following values shown in the picture below.
Bitcoin Wallet of 163qcNngcPxk7njkBGU3GGtxdhi74ycqzk

What to do

Never pay the ransomware, as there is no guarantee that you will get your files back. On the other side, if the threat actor has access to your system, there is no guarentee that after the payment, the threat actor will leave you alone, or will not sell your infected client to bot herders.
  • Do install an antivirus on your system, this solution can protect you against multiple ransomware threats
  • Do make sure that you have your environment updated with the latest versions and patches.