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You will be shocked when you learn HOW these HACKERS are earning money

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Hackers are people which know how computers and other type of devices work, they know more than the average “device” user, and that extra knowledge allows them to generate an revenue.

In our current world, we have 3 types of hackers:

  • Blackhat

The blackhat hackers does not care about rules or privacy, they will try each method they can think of in order to hack / gain access to an device.

  • Greyhat

The greyhat hackers do care about rules and privacy, but they will use methods to breach environments which could be illegal. They try to stay on the “border” of illegal / legal hacking.

  • Whitehat

Then we have the whitehat hackers, these hackers only care about rules and privacy – so they will only use legitimate methods to gain access to devices.

How hackers are earning money

So now that we know that there are various types of hackers, we can take a look at which type of hacker is generating an massive revenue (income) by using their skills.

The first hacker type which we focus on, is the blackhat hacker, this hacker will use any method to gain access, and they do not care about rules – so the chance that an blackhat hacker will initate activities in the cybercrime sector is very high.

The blackhat hacker can be hired in order to perform attacks and hacks on devices. These attacks could be DdoS attacks, but they could also be phishing attacks and attacks which allow the cybercriminal to fully dominate infected devices (trojans, backdoors).

In the video below, you can view an “blackhat” hacker doing his “thing” to earn some money.

The video has been setup, and is not a real – it is just an very good presentation on how hackers work.

In the video above, you will see how the “blackhat” hacker uses phishing methods to generate an online revenue, but what he does next is an perfect example of how cybercriminals work. The cybercriminal hires an team of people which will be “calling” potential victims for him. In this way, the hacker, was able to increase his revenue with 200% or more.

In Search of The Most Dangerous Town On the Internet

But when we go a step further, we will notice that there is a city in the world which is being called “Hackersville”, and there is a very good reason for that – all the people in that city, have an affiliation with hacking and the cybercrime industry.

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