You are in this viral video scam

Did your friend on Facebook just send you a message, stating that you are in a viral video? then proceed with caution, there is a high chance that you are being targeted by cybercriminals.

You are in this viral video scam

Via Facebook, cybercriminals launch the ‘You are in this viral video’ attack. Scammers and cybercriminals continuously utilize this attack method. These crooks are trying to lure you to malicious websites by sending you fake messages.

These malicious websites often look like the real deal, the cybercriminals will mimic official sites, in the hope, that they will be able to get your clicks and data.

You are in this viral video FAQ

Is this a new scam method?

No, the ‘you are in this viral video’ attack method is couple of years old. Multiple sites have been reporting on these type of scams for years. The cyber criminals do adjust the way how they host the malicious websites.
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Should I block that friend?

If you know that friend, give that friend a call, and explain to them that they are sharing malicious messages. If you do not know that person, the best thing is to report that person via the Facebook report option. Once the user has been reported, you can continue to block that profile.

How does this attack work?

The messages are sent from Facebook accounts that have hacked by criminals. These accounts are then used to share spam, scam and malicious campaigns. If you get one of these messages from a Facebook friend, it most likely means that your friend’s account has been hijacked. Inform that friend so that he or she can take action.
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Do I have to login to view the video?

A message on the site will claim that you must log in before you can see the video. In reality, there is no video. If you enter your credentials on the fake site, criminals can collect the data and use it against you and your friends. Never login. Always use the official Youtube site.
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Should I click on the links in the messages?

No. Do not click on any links in the message.