YARA rules download: The best YARA rules for Malware Analysis and Detection

YARA rules are used to identify specific types of malware, and the use of YARA rules is very simple and straight forward. The fact that the use of YARA is easy has allowed the community to create hundreds of YARA rules which identify unique malicious binaries and threats. But here comes the though part, there are tons of sources where you can find and download YARA rules.

A lot of YARA rules can be found on Github, but there are also private environments which share YARA rules. So, in order to make it easy to keep track of those environments, we have listed down environments where you can find and download YARA rules.

But we have done more for you – the creation of YARA rules can also be done by you, in order to fully understand what YARA rules actually are – we have also listed some awesome websites which teach you the full capabilities of YARA and how you can create your own YARA rules within minutes.

The basics of YARA

YARA rules are a set of strings and Boolean expressions which contain signatures of the malware you are trying to identify. For example, the DarkComet Trojan always creates the DC_Mutex- string when it runs on a machine. In order to identify DarkComet with YARA, you will have to create a string which would match for DC_MUTEX-.

See the DarkComet YARA rule here

YARA rules for APT attacks

An awesome example of the use of YARA rules is the APT1 YARA rule, this rule contains signatures which will allow you to identify attacks which could originate from the Chinese threat actor “Unit 61398”.