XDR security solutions and providers

XDR security solutions is big business, and I want to know, which XDR security solutions are available, and where I can find them. The term XDR comes from EDR, which stands for Endpoint Detection and Response, but of course, the security industry understood, that it is not just endpoints which need detection and response, so they decided to bring into the world, the security solution called XDR. The X in XDR stands for anything.

XDR security focus

XDR has a focus on providing detection and response for any type of system or solution that you have in your company.

Gartner defines XDR as follows: “a SaaS-based, vendor-specific, security threat detection and incident response tool that natively integrates multiple security products into a cohesive security operations system that unifies all licensed components”.

XDR security services view
XDR security view

Why do you need XDR? What problem does it solve for you?

Security Operations teams have long, busy days. All the various solutions, which are used to scan local networks and cloud environments for suspicious activities, generate an astronomical amount of alerts. Too many alerts to triage, analyze and solve individually.

In addition, there is a great shortage of people in the labor market with the necessary skills to perform the above tasks. The people who are there have a great need to simplify their work.

Footage of the CyNet XDR solution

One element that makes it difficult for these security professionals is the large amounts of information that is collected. They need to have a way to tie all of the relevant information together, so they can have a clear view of the security status.

There is therefore a great need in cyber security land for solutions that make the life of the SOC employee easier. This can be achieved on the one hand through automation, on the other hand through a better presentation and correlation of collected data, and this is exactly where XDR shines.

List of XDR security service providers

Having an overview of all the XDR security providers is going to help me to get a better understanding of what the current offer is, and what type of tweaks and gadgets the XDR security providers have included into their products. It is handy and it can be used multiple times. This is also the reason why, you will find a list of XDR security service providers below. I hope that you enjoy the list, and that you find the right partner for the right task.

XDR Companies which we have listed down

  1. Bitdefender
  2. Cynet
  3. Palo Alto Networks
  4. Sophos
  5. McAfee
  6. Microsoft
  7. Symantec
  8. Trend Micro
  9. FireEye
  10. Rapid7
  11. Fidelis Cybersecurity

Bitdefender XDR

Bitdefender shines with the XDR security service in their GravityZone Ultra Plus solution. The all-in-one setup, allows GravityZone users to secure their enterprise endpoints, control their network elements, extract valuable meta-data while having a real-time view on incidents.

Detection and Response solutions comparison of Bitdefender XDR.
Solutions view

Palo Alto Networks XDR

Cortex XDR™ is the battleship of Palo Alto Networks when it comes to XDR. They state that it is the industry’s first extended detection and response platform that runs on integrated endpoint, network and cloud data to reduce noise and focus on real threats.

Palo Alto Networks XDR
Palo Alto Networks XDR overview

Trend Micro XDR

The Trend Micro™ XDR collects and correlates deep activity data across multiple vectors – email, endpoints, servers, cloud workloads, and networks. Trend Micro states that it enables a level of detection and investigation that is difficult or impossible to achieve with SIEM or individual point solutions.

Example of the Trend Micro XDR dashboard
Example of the Trend Micro XDR dashboard

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