XData ransomware infects 135 systems in an unknown way

Researchers warn of a new ransomware copy that infected 135 systems in unknown ways, most of them in Ukraine.

The ransomware was first noticed on May 18th. According to the researchers from malwarehunters, XData has now infected three times as many computers as the WannaCry ransomware in Ukraine.

The country was given with about 30 WannaCry infections. Given the number of infections in the region, according to the researchers, it is likely that a targeted action will be taken. In addition to Ukraine, some infected computers have also been reported in Germany, Estonia and Russia.

Ransom Fees Demanded Note of XData ransomware

Your  important files were encrypted on the this computer: documents, databases, this photos, the videos, etc.
Encryption was prodused using unique public key for this computer.
To decrypt files, you need to obtain private key and special tool.
To retrieve the private key and tool find your pc key file with ‘.key. ~ Xdata ~’ extension.
Depending on your operation system version and personal settings, you can find it in:
‘C: /’,
‘C: / ProgramData’,
‘C: / Documents and settings / All Users / Application Data’,
‘Your Desktop’
folders ( eg ‘C: /PC-TTT54M#45CD.key.~xdata~’.) .
The send to IT Then statement one’s of the following email addresses The:
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Your ID: ******
the Do not worry if you did not find key file, anyway contact for support.

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