x.co/rabonl used for Rabobank phishing attack

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Crooks have setup a Rabobank phishing campaign to lure unaware Rabobank users into a fake website. The fake website tries to obtain credentials from the users.

It starts with a text message

In this case the crooks have send out multiple SMS messages from as far as we know the following phone number ‘+31 687526473’ / ‘0687526473’. This number is a Dutch number.

Per 21/02 vervalt uw Rabobank pas Vraag uw nieuwe Rabobank pas aan en voorkom blokkering van uw huidige Rabobank pas via de Rabobank website: x.co/rabonl

Text message used to lure unaware users

The phishing page

The crooks have setup the phishing page on ‘bankieren.cp2-rabobank.net/NL2/’, they have imitated the Rabobank page, and in this way they try to obtain credentials from unaware Rabobank users.

There is more on /NL1/

Beware and spread awareness

Share this with people that should know this: