WSHH will be hacked by hackers if they do not fix this problem

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The World Star Hip Hop website (WSHH) is a streaming media website which has a global rank of 739 on Alexa.

The website ranks on 221 in the United States and they have millions of visitors each day.

During our search on the internet we found out that the WorldStarHipHop website is vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

The hackers are able to exploit the outdated Apache environment which is currently active on WorldStarhiphop.

worldstarhiphop website ranking

worldstarhiphop website ranking

The outdated Apache environment allows cybercriminals and hackers to take advantage of the WorldStarHipHop environment. The hackers will be able to upload malicious files on the WorldStarHipHop website, which will lead to the infection of thousands of WSHH visitors.

worldstarhiphop hack

worldstarhiphop hack

As you can see in the picture above, the Worldstarhiphop website is running a outdated version of the Apache environment. The picture clearly states that the server of WorldStarHipHop needs to be patched and secured with the latest working version of Apache.

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