Worldstarcandy hackers claim they own ‘personal information’ of the honeys

The WorldStarHipHop Honey website ‘WorldStarCandy’ is a website which shows beautiful women that are dancing to music. A lot of these women are (or become) famous. The World Star Hip Hop finest females are shown on the website.

The hackers claims to have hacked the WorldStarCandy website. They claims that they have found access to the database which holds the personal information of all the World Star Candy candidates.

The WorldStarCandy website shows various female models in special made videos. The website also provides various showcases of these models.

world star candy website hacked
world star candy website hacked

WorldStarCandy hacked

We decided to take a look at the Twitter account of the WorldStarHipHop website, and simultaniously we took a look at the WorldStarCandy website. The mentioned resources provided no information about the claimed hack.

world star twitter account
world star twitter account

WorldStarHipHop is an American Hip-Hop website which shows shocking and exclusive footage of events in the United States. The site serves the page to millions of unique visitors each day. The site which is operated by WorldStar, LLC, was founded by Lee ‘Q’ O’Denat. The website is infamous for posting videos of violent fights and public scandal acts. Many of the videos of violent events have gone viral. For this reason, WorldStarHipHop has been classified as a shock site.

WorldStarHipHop is the CNN of the ghetto – Lee ‘Q’ O’Denat

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