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The digital landscape is ever-evolving, and with it, the methods to extract valuable information for various purposes. Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) tools have become indispensable in this context, especially for cybersecurity professionals and investigators focusing on social media platforms like Facebook.

As an authoritative source in cybersecurity, this article provides an in-depth exploration of the best OSINT tools for Facebook.

The Importance of Facebook OSINT Tools

Facebook, with its billions of active users, serves as a goldmine of information. For cybersecurity professionals, investigative journalists, and digital forensics experts, OSINT tools specific to Facebook can make the difference between a successful investigation and a failed one.

These tools provide the capability to dig deep into profiles, extract historical data, and even identify relationships between users.

Facebook OSINT Matrix

A Curated List of The Most Efficient OSINT Tools for Facebook


Regarded as one of the most powerful OSINT tools, Maltego offers extensive search capabilities. It has been used by cybersecurity experts for tasks such as network analysis and identifying potential vulnerabilities in a system.

Facebook Email Search

With just an email ID, this tool allows you to trace back to a Facebook profile. It’s particularly useful in cases involving phishing or other email based cybercrimes.

Intelligence X

A versatile search engine, Intelligence X offers a range of features, including the capability to perform advanced searches on Facebook data.


Primarily used for domain and DNS investigations, SecurityTrails can also be adapted for Facebook-related investigations.

LifeRaft’s Navigator

LifeRaft’s Navigator is an automated tool that offers extensive capabilities. Unlike manual search tools, Navigator automatically scans Facebook and other social media platforms, sending real-time alerts to security teams based on predefined parameters. This tool adds an extra layer of intelligence to OSINT activities, making it easier to identify potential threats and opportunities in real-time.

The ‘Facebook and Instagram OSINT’ Browser Extension

This Mozilla Firefox-based add-on is designed to work against Facebook and Instagram profiles, and although it may not be as powerful as other plugins like ‘DumpItBlue+‘ or ‘IG Follower Export Tool‘, it still offers unique capabilities. For instance, it allows investigators to easily view mutual connections between two Facebook profiles, simplifying the task of relationship identification.

The tool also makes it easier to identify and extract Facebook user IDs, especially for profiles with custom URLs. This feature can be invaluable in investigations that require precise identification of individuals based on their online activities.

Outdated tools (Checked 2023)

  • SearchIsBack
  • FB People Directory
  • NetBootCamp
  • Facebook Live Map
  • Stalkscan
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