A women comes to the hacker

Every day thousands of people become the victims of identity fraud. Identity fraud is one of the fastest growing crime which is hitting unaware and aware internet users.

Parents, children and friends scatter all kind of information on the internet without having the idea that there could be a malicious internet user active, which is going to abuse the published information.

Whoops, did I click that

If you are active on the internet, the chance is very high that you will hit a malicious link. Cybercriminals are using ‘click farming‘ environments to infect unaware people with malicious applications and surveys. The malicious surveys are used by the cybercriminals to collect personal information. The surveys also provide a solid online revenue for the cybercriminals as these schemes go viral within hours.

What allows identity fraud

The internet is a giant environment, this environment has no borders and it is impossible to monitor the entire internet. Hackers are luring on social media networks, to collect personal information from unaware users. They are able to collect personal information as people forget to configure their security settings on the social media networks.

Fake identity

Hackers are also abusing the names of people. They create fake identities, these fake identities allow them to infect the environment or network of the victimized name.

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