Woman terrified by camera of a one dollar shop

This camera is deployed with a default password. Criminals and hackers know this, and in this video, you will see real proof of what can happen and what it will feel like to have your privacy breached.

Rilana Hamer had purchased a camera two months ago, but she got terrified when she noticed that the camera was moving out of itself. The camera which has a microphone and speaker built in started to talk to her.

Yes, it was a hacker which had breached her home network via the one dollar camera that she had purchased a couple of months ago. As you can imagine, she got terrified, and started to record the whole scene.

At the end she unplugged the camera.

Video of the camera moving out of itself + includes the audio of the hacker

Weak passwords & No passwords

It is important to read the manual when you buy electronics that have access to your (home) network. Each potential piece of device you bring into your home can be abused by hackers to spy on you or even more. Just imagine what thieves can do with these type of camera’s. They will know when you are home, and when you are not home.