Wireless payment trend in The Netherlands increases security threat

It is the latest trend in The Netherlands, the ING bank has introduced a new system which allows their clients to use a card which makes a wireless connection to any payment point.

The card which is shown above, is made to make it easier for the clients to pay their products.

The clients now only need to SWIPE their card at the payment point and it will automaticly pay the demanded account. But this method has a massive vulnerability. Once a criminal takes hold of the wireless payment card he will be able to buy products without having to identify himself (For example; a pin number). The criminal can simply go shopping without getting caught.

If you want to disable the Wireless Payment card function on your ING card then you will need to navigate to the official banking website and edit the settings of the ING card. Click on this link to be redirected to the banking website their Wireless Payment card information page.

Of course it is still possible for the victim to call the bank and demand them to block the pin account, but this will take some time and the victim needs to be AWARE that the wireless payment card has been stolen.