Windows Zombie Vulnerability from 1997 still active in Windows 10

The CERT division of Carnegie Mellon and the security researchers from Cylance were capable of exploiting a zombie vulnerability which can be found in all Windows operating systems. Yes, even if you have the latest Windows operating system, you will still be vulnerable to hackers and cybercriminals which find a way to exploit the Zombie vulnerability.

The Windows Zombie vulnerability allows unauthorized users to gain credentials of at least 31 vendors, including the well known Adobe, Apple, Symantec and Oracle vendors.

They Windows Zombie Vulnerability allows a cybercriminal to force the Windows Server Message Block into providing login credentials to the cybercriminal once a victim has clicked on a forged link.

Windows Zombie vulnerability go back to sleep

The team from Gizmodo state that the Windows Zombie Vulnerability has only been exploited in a private lab and that there is not a known exploit available, but it won’t take long before cybercriminals find a way to exploit this vulnerability in an advanced way.

Just to remind ourselves, the FBI is still searching for the GameOver Zeus mastermind and they even have rewarded 3 million dollar for the person which is able to provide information which will lead to the arrest of the Russian mastermind.

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