Windows Hacking Tools

The best Windows hacking tools like Aircrack -ngNmap and Nessus have been listed down, yet there is so much more. We are here to help you find the best Windows hacking tools.


When people think of hacking, many people immediately think of breaking in. But actually it is much more than that. Hacking is using something in a way it was not originally intended for.

Computer hackers use clever tricks to try to use a computer system in a different way than that which was taken into account during the design. This allows them to access data that is normally protected.

Well known Windows hacking tools

There is a wide range of Windows hacking tools, but there is also an ultimate set, this ultimate windows hacking set, is often shared in blogs and top 10 Windows hacking tool listings.

1Acunetix WVS
8Social-Engineer Toolkit
10Cain and Abel
Most used Windows 10 hacking tools

The ultimate set of Windows hacking tools

We have recently created a massive list of hacking tools (1000+ tools) which you can utilize for your hacking project. The difference with this list is, that we are not going to list down 1000 tools on one page, what we did do, we provided the sources that contain those tools, and we counted the overal amount of available tools you get from those sources. Take a look, and enjoy the best hacking tools list which does not only contain the tools mentioned above.

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