Microsoft disables Windows Gadget platform after Windows Gadget Trojan

The Windows Gadgets are no vulnerable on the Microsoft website. Microsoft released a report which stated that their Windows Gadget plugins are no longer available as they are vulnerable to attacks. The Windows Sidebar platform which is used in Windows 7 and Windows Vista seems to be vulnerable to malicious Windows Gadget attacks.

Windows warned that the gadgets could be exploited to access, display unwanted content and influence the victim. Microsoft warns that it is even possible for hackers to gain full access to the victim computer by using a malicious gadget. The Appriver company found a Trojan which masqueraded itself as a Windows Gadget. The Trojan downloader was packed as a .gadget file. Once the file was executed multiple files were installed. The Zeus package was used in the Windows Gadget trojan.

At the time of scanning the malicious Windows Gadget file on Virus Total, only MalwareBytes classified it as malware.

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