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Windows 10 Edge vulnerable to Social Engineering Attacks

I have installed a clean Windows 10 PRO operating system in my VirtualBox environment and I have started up the Kali Linux machine.

Once the Kali Linux machine was started up, I started the SET tool (Social Engineering Toolkit) and I initiated a social engineering attack on my local machine.

I used the Facebook environment as a lot of people use this social media network. The Windows 10 machine runs on and the Kali Linux machine runs on

WINDOWS 10 social engineering attack

As you can see in the picture below, the Windows 10 Edge explorer was not able to alert the user that this is not an official Facebook page or that unencrypted information is going to be passed via this page to unknown parties.

Fake Facebook page in Windows 10

Please stay aware and always check the URL. This social engineering attack was setup within a couple of minutes.

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