The You Will Never Facebook scams

Dear Facebook users, please be aware of the hoaxes and scams which we are going to mention in this article. The scams in this list have been crafted by scammers and they are relatively new.

The scammers are using “click-farming” methods to generate an online revenue. The click-farming method demands the scammers to create websites which urge the victims to share and like a specific website.

The scammers often use “shocking” titles and pictures in these click-farming scams. The following Facebook scams (click-farming) have been found this week, and I truly believe that these scams will go viral within a couple of days.

The You Will Never Facebook scams:

The scammers have launched multiple scams which have the “You Will Never” text in the title. The scams have been crafted via an automated “Facebook scam Tool” which allows the scammers to create multiple scams within minutes.

The Coca Cola Facebook scam claims that it has footage of something shocking. It will be so shocking that you will never buy Coca Cola again. We all know that this is fake, but this method is still being used as it works. The same method is being used on the Pepsi Cola Facebook scam. The scammers claim that they have shocking footage of a Pepi Cola factory.

Pepsi Facebook scam
Pepsi Facebook scam

The Nivea and Chocolate scam are also using the methods which are used in the Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola Facebook scams.

Once the user lands on the malicious website which is hosting one of the mentioned scams, the user will be forced to share the website. Once the website has been shared, the victim will be navigated to another website which will serve a survey or malicious advertisement.

[WARNING] You will never Eat Cadbury Chocolates after watching this leaked video footage.
[WARNING] You will never Eat Cadbury Chocolates after watching this leaked video footage.
The scammers are able to generate money via the surveys and advertisements. It is possible that the scammers will install Remote Administration Tools on the victim devices.

Please inform your environment and stay secure!

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