You will not BELIEVE why Facebook allows hackers to hack Facebook

You might have seen it in your FB friends list. A friend which suddenly starts posting weird linkes to weird websites, which show weird content. The chance is very high that your Facebook friend has been hacked by FB hackers.

The Facebook hackers launch various schemes and scams on Facebook, as they are aware of the fact that lots of people use Facebook.

The scammers and hackers which target Facebook users are up to date with the latest news. For example, did you know that scammers launched a Robin William scam to lure unaware users to a malicious website? Did you know that scammers used the James Foley footage to lure unaware users to another malicious website? Well, the Facebook hackers have no borders, no respect and they will try each method untill they get their objectives.

FB hackers objectives

The FB hackers are after a lot of information which can be gathered via the Facebook social media environment. So what type of information can this be? Really anything. Take a look at the list which will show what hackers can use:

  • Full names
  • Pictures
  • E-mails
  • Applications used by you via Facebook
  • Your precious “computer” time

The hackers will use your precious computer time to lure you to malicious websites. These websites are often loaded with malware and surveys. The Facebook hackers use the surveys to generate an online revenue which will help them to launch multiple scams at once.

The Facebook hackers often use scam generators as this allows them to “generate” scams within seconds. The Facebook hacks which are made by the scammers are often setup very simple.

The hackers use the following values to create their Facebook scam environments:

  • Template pictures of Facebook, CNN, Microsoft etc which are hosted on external websites.
  • Catchy titles “OMG SHOCKING, YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE” etc.
  • Picture which holds fake comments
  • Some kind of “analytics” tool to keep track of their visitors
  • Simple “Force” scripts which force the user to share the malicious video or website

Now why does Facebook allow hackers to hack Facebook?

Well, the fact is that FB does not allow hackers to target individual Facebook accounts. The FB company has made a bounty program which allows hackers to hack the FB environment. If a hacker succeeds to hack a Facebook environment, the hacker will be granted a “bounty” fee.

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