Why you should read the @[email protected]!$ing manual

This is for all the security, system, network and application engineers that work in the IT. This post also works for those which don’t work in the IT world, but hey, let’s focus on the people that need to keep environments up and running without flaws.

Dear engineers, professionals and starters,

This short, but direct letter is for those, which do not read manuals, and simply start performing the task which they are assigned with, without asking questions or doing any research.

Did you know that manufacturers craft manuals in the physical and digital form? Those manuals are made to have a goal. Trees and other natural power supplies have been used to deliver that manual, so it is quite important that we do something with them, else we would just be hurting the eco system.

So back to the topic, manuals. Manuals have been crafted for a reason. Manuals can instruct you and inform you on how to setup or work with an specific environment, and in the IT world, that can be [email protected]#!# important.

You know, that when people refuse to read manuals, they knowingly are keeping themselves and the environment they work in vulnerable.

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