Why you should NOT use Google Chrome while you are WORKING

Bookmarks, passwords, browser history and often visited websites are stored in each Google Chrome browser and it is all possible because Google allows you to login with an Google account in to the browser, which stores all the mentioned data for you and anyone which gains access to your Google Chrome ‘browser’. ..

The Google Chrome browser becomes more when it is used in an work environment. Once it is being used in an working environment, all types of valuable information will be stored in the Google Chrome account. This information is wanted by cyber criminals which want to setup an advanced persistent threat on a company.

So what I am trying to say is, that once you use the Google Chrome browser with your ‘private’ Google Chrome account, you are storing a lot of information in to that account which could allow cyber criminals and hackers to access corporate environments. The information will allow them to setup an scope and it is highly possible that office passwords are stored in the Google Chrome account which will allow them to penetrate the office network.

You only have to slip once, and you will be able to compromise the entire office environment, and cyber criminals and hackers are always searching for those ‘little’ mistakes. Reminder: People make mistakes, that is not an problem. Doing nothing to prevent those mistakes, is an BIG problem. 🙂

So if you want to stay secure while working, do the following:

  • Only use the corporate email accounts
  • Use an email client when possible
  • Lock your computer when you are not working