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Why it is NOT WISE to discuss personal information in front of smart TVs

Smart TVs bring a lot of joy in homes, they allow the users to use services which are connected to the web – allowing them to experience a more interactive TV, but there is a very big catch when it comes to devices that are connected to the internet.

Devices which are connected to the internet have a higher chance of getting targeted by hackers which want to collect personal information / financial information – and SMART TVs are not an exception for that.

Smart TVs have the capability to listen what is going on in their environment – meaning that they can store/transfer all the sounds in the environment, and if you think that personal information is being discussed in front of the smart TV, then you might want to consider the fact if you want that information to be stored / processed by the smart TV.

If a hacker can gain access to your smart TV, the hacker can use the smart TV to record personal conversations – and for example, those conversations can be used against you by the hacker.

So think about it, [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=”#infosec #security #hacking”]do you really want a smart TV in your home which could be vulnerable to hackers?[/inlinetweet]


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