Why Cyber Security is So Indispensable

In recent years, cyber threats are growing faster. There are plenty of cyber-attack incidents in 2019 and still the number is growing day by day. As per McAfee report this year (in 20019) estimated cyber-attack may cost $2 trillion, this amount will rise in future years.

 Why Cyber Security is Needed

Cost of Breach is Extremely High: – Cyber attack can cost huge amount of dollars to your business. Average Cyber attack costs a business over $1 million dollar. So think how much it can cost you. So you should start investing in resources to your business to respond cyber-attack.

Cyber attack can Steal your Business Confidential Data: – Cyber attack does not only cost you millions of dollars, attackers or hackers can steal your business confidential data. Stealing confidential business data can harm your business.

Business Reputation may be harmed: – Hackers not only steal your confidential data, even by cyber attack your business reputation may be harmed. Your business productivity may be decreased. Your customers may lose trust on your business. As a result your brand image may harm at all.

Your Financial Data May be Compromised: – Suppose you are not having a business, and you are thinking you are safe from cyber attack. But there is a catch, no one is safe from Cyber attack. Your financial data may be compromised. Even in case of business owner, business related financial information can be compromised by cyber attack. So invest in cyber security. Hackers sell your financial data in the Dark Web, and by selling your financial data they earn huge amount of money.

Your Personal Information are not safe at all: – Beside financial Information compromised, you personal information can be stolen by hackers, later they can use this information to black mail you, even this data can be used in identity theft.

What about Health related data: – Now a days hackers also steal your health data, which you don’t want to disclose to any one else. Stealing your health data can be a nightmare to you.

Make sure your Medical Device is at least safe:- Medical devices are not safe from hacker’s cruel eye, and hacked medical device can cost you your life too. So make sure you medical devices are safe.

Increase attack of Ransomware: – Hackers can attack remotely on your computer and they can encrypt and lock your computer data, by installing ransomware. If someone installs ransomware, meaning it can encrypt your files and If you want to get back your file you have to pay hackers. Otherwise you won’t be able to decrypt your files. So secure your computer before someone installs ransomware to your computer.

Cyber attack is profitable: – Why cyber attack is increasing day by day? Any idea? As cyber attack is profitable, attackers can earn huge amount of money by compromising someone’s data.

 Recent Example of Cyber Attack

i. On 4th March 2019 RedTail Technology faces data Breach which may have exposed FA Client data.

ii. In May 2019, four persons stolen 50,000 users credit card data in Uttar Pradesh, India.

iii. In May 2019, Millions of Instagram users private data was compromised and exposed online.

iv. In May 2019 Stack Overflow (question and answer site for professional and enthusiast programmers ) was hacked and some of its user data was accessed by hackers.

v. In May 2019, 8 Millions of people’s ( from USA ) data was exposed online who were take part in an Online Survey.

vi. Even Government sites are not safe at all. In May 2019, Multiple Russian Government Sites leak passport and personal information of 2.25 millions Russian Users.

vii. In May 2019 460,000 user data was stolen by hackers from Uniqlo’s online store.

viii. In May 2019 23,000 school district passwords stolen in data breach at Paterson.

ix. In May 2019 Millions Of Panama Citizens Database Breached, and this data include even National ID Numbers.

x. In May 2019, as per report 10 Millions of people from Australia faces a data breach.

 How to stay Safe
  • Business owners should take strict security measures to combat cyber threat to their businesses. They should invest resources in cyber security.
  • Make sure your company employees are not exposing your companies’ confidential data over internet.
  • Educate your employees about cyber security, so they never fall in the trap of a phishing mail, spear phishing mail, or online scams.
  • Always patch your system to avoid any security threats.
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