Why 2.5 Million Dutch Citizens Need Digital Skills Initiatives

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How digitally savvy are you? You might think you’re pretty good with a computer or smartphone, but did you know that alone in the Netherlands, 2.5 million people1 struggle with basic tasks like reading, writing, and arithmetic?

This often leaves them unable to navigate digital platforms efficiently. Which often leaves them without information.

To address this, the Dutch government2 is launching a new public campaign next week called “Doe meer met Taal” (Do More with Language). But what is this campaign all about, and who stands to benefit from it? I will tell you.

What’s the Campaign About?

“Doe meer met Taal3” is all about improving the digital skills of Dutch citizens. The campaign targets people aged 20 to 49 with Dutch as their mother tongue.

It aims to educate them on everyday digital tasks like sending emails for work, setting up a “Tikkie” (a Dutch payment app), filling out online forms, and online shopping. It is hard to imagine that alone in The Netherlands, with 18 million people, 2.5 million are unable to navigate the web.

How Will it Reach the People?

The campaign4 isn’t holding back on its outreach methods. There will be TV spots, radio commercials, billboards, and online advertisements. The goal is to inform as many citizens as possible about free lessons they can take either online or within their local community.

Previous Campaign: A Resounding Success!

Don’t think this is just another campaign. In its first run in late 2021, the website doemeermettaal.nl attracted more than 160,000 visitors5 during the campaign period. That’s quite a number, wouldn’t you agree?

Now I suggest, that if you know someone, that is having difficulties to navigate the web, show them this course. It works best if they are living in The Netherlands. It will learn them Dutch in a more advanced way. Smart thinking right?


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