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When TERROR has taken place – this is what you should

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Both the attacks on France have shocked the world – one of them was the Charlie Hebdo attack and the most recent and most shocking one is the current attack which is taking place in France – Paris. It is very important to understand why terrorists perform these type of attacks – they want to rise the level of fear. Attacks on governments and public environments are only effective if they leave the community of that environment shocked.

Once the terrorists have shocked the world – they will be noticed, which will allow them to continue with future attacks. In these bad days – it is wise to remember that you should not act different once such attacks take place. Yes – you have to be more aware, and yes – do check more often, but do not let yourself be driven by FEAR – it is the only thing which fuels those terorrists.

In these dark times – I only want you to have the power you need to survive, and that the people that have been affected are being taken care of by the right people. For those which have not survived these attacks – I say R.I.P and may there families, relatives have all the power and wisdom to continue their own life in peace.

Share this with people that should know this: