[SCAM] WhatsApp Video Calling

Beware of the “WhatsApp Video Calling” scams which are currently circulating on the internet.

Thousands of people have liked a fake “WhatsApp Video Calling” page on Facebook which claims that users can download a free update for their Whatsapp application which will allow them to perform Video Calling via Whatsapp.

The fake “WhatsApp Video Calling” Facebook page claims that users need to navigate to hxxp://whatsappcalling.co, hxxp://whatsappvc.com or hxxp://getwhatsappvideocalling.com to download the update.whatsappcalling

The “WhatsApp Video Calling” website claims that people need to be invited before you are able to use the “WhatsApp Video Calling” function.

This is just another scam which is used by cybercriminals to lure unaware internet users to websites which will collect information or will try to infect the device of the internet user.


How to use Whatsapp video calling

Wait for Whatsapp to publish the function in their official update. Do note use third-party tools to enable “video calling”.

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