What would you do if a hacker would add your (future) child on Facebook?!

This is a very important question to ask yourself, what would you do as a brother/sister/parent or relative if you found out a hacker had been exchanging messages and pictures with a child?! Which steps would you take first? Would you ask the child if something weird has happened or if the person had made weird requests? or would you start scanning the device for viruses or malware?!

The current digital age is allowing children to be connected to the internet via their smart phones, tablets, laptops and computers. This also means that they are a potential target for hackers because who is going to teach those children about online security and privacy? Most of the times, the parents are busy with other things, like maintaining their own Facebook profile and this has a direct impact on the security of the child and the environment of the child.

It is not hard for the hackers to find these targets, for example, a couple years ago, while Justin Bieber was a minor, cybercriminals were able to join Justin Bieber Facebook pages with a fake account, and simply start sharing pictures of Justin Bieber and it would allow them to be added by dozens of unaware minors. Once the unaware minors had added the cybercriminals, the cybercriminals would send them links which contained viruses. These viruses and Trojans would allow the cybercriminals to remotely control the device of the minor.