What is Thunderbolt 3 Port?

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If you are a permanent laptop user either for professional work or for the sake of entertainment there are many factors you have to take in account port is one of important one from them.  While checking RAM and storage etc. of the laptop also there is need for checking the ports on both sides of the laptop. A question appears in your mind that why ports? Let’s have a discussion on it, ports helps you to connect various devices with your laptop.  Let’s come to our main topic that what is Thunderbolt 3? We have discussed all possible information regarding the Thunderbolt 3 below.


The Thunderbolt technology was first introduced by Intel in 2011. Before the Thunderbolt USB  3.0 was most favorite ports as there was a 5Gbps data transfer speed.  But when Thunderbolt jumps in the world of technology it provides twice performance than the USB 3.0. Moreover, there are many other best features of Thunderbolt that makes it best for any other port. If you have Thunderbolt in your laptop so you can connect several devices with your laptop, such as you can connect hard drive with your computer and also a display to your hard drive.

Thunderbolt 3

The latest version of the Thunderbolt is Thunderbolt 3, the design of this advance port is same as the USB-C have.  If you have Thunderbolt 3 laptop so your file transfer speed can reaches up to 40Gbps that is more than twice of other ones.  Moreover, the Thunderbolt 3 supports the Display Port feature also.  So one cable can run multiple 4K displays at 60Hz.

Why there is need of Thunderbolt 3

There are several factors that explain the need of Thunderbolt 3. Let’s have a look.

  1. The best and useful feature of Thunderbolt 3 is that it can connects more than one 4K monitors at once by using Display Port.
  2. The good point regarding this best port is High-Speed peer to peer networking. Two PCs can be connected through a single Thunderbolt 3 port and there is a 10GB Ethernet connection.  Mostly, in professional works it can be useful as it can facilitate the co-workers with high rate transfer rates.
  3. Also, there is a power of charging most laptops. It can send and receive 100 watts of power that is best for charging the laptops.
  4. The best feature of Thunderbolt 3 port is Daisy Chain. At least, 6 devices can be connected with each other using the Thunderbolt 3 cables.
  5. There is tiny lighting logo of bolt that will make easy for you to find about the compatible products. If there is a wrong or incompatible product so the logo will not blink.

Why Thunderbolt 3 are mostly used port in laptops

Most of the manufacturers have used Thunderbolt 3 technology in laptops.  Because it features the fast data transfer for the sake of storing large files.  Moreover, through one port Thunderbolt devices can be connected. Also, there is needed to be careful regarding this fact that all USB Type-C ports not support the thunderbolt 3.

Technically any USB Type-C can be plugged into Thunderbolt 3 even if it not supports the thunderbolt features.

USB Type-C

Having knowledge about USB Type- C is also good as well. It’s a latest USB connector replacing the micro-USB connectors previously that are used by most of the android phones. It’s also well-known port as it also allows quick data transfer.  Like Thunderbolt3 USB Type-C also can charge most of the laptops as per its 100W power transmission. So through a single USB-C connector data can be transmitted quickly with charging the device also.

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