What is Database & SQL ?

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The internet is build on information which is provided by humans and machines, now all this information needs to be stored somewhere. In this tutorial, we will take a look on what a “database” exactly does and what an SQL database is.

The video which has been published by Guru99 on Youtube, takes a look at the question: “What is Database & SQL?”. The video is build in an animated way, so it allows you to take in the information very simple. He also explains each step and each significant keyword which is important. The tutorial can be followed in 6:19 minutes and I strongly urge you to take a look at the Guru99 video on “What is Database & SQL?”.

Did you enjoy the video? I certainly did, we use an database to run the Cyberwarzone website, but did you know that there are various databases which you can use to store your information? We have used the MongoDB database for our Cuckoo Sandbox environment, and we can easily say that the MongoDB database was a better environment for the Cuckoo Sandbox than the SQL database environment would have been.

It is also important to read the tutorials and guides which have been published for the database environments. Each database environment has unique settings to make it secure. Because, security matters.

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