What is a Bitcoin?

Bitcoins are the new cash. Bitcoin is electronic money that allows you to send or pay money to someone without the intervention of a financial institution like a bank.

Bitcoin has a number of advantages over known money such as euros:

  • It’s easy. Paying with Bitcoin is easier and safer than cash, pin or credit card payments.
  • Lower prices. For less than a cent, you can pay worldwide or transfer money. Merchants can charge without expensive payment systems and pass on savings to their customers.
  • Bitcoin does not have national borders. To pay abroad, you do not have to change first.
  • Fast international transactions. Within minutes, Bitcoin will transfer money to people or businesses. Everywhere in the world, for a fraction of the costs that banks ask for.
  • There are a limited number of Bitcoins. So your money does not devalue anymore.
  • Increased privacy. A Bitcoin transaction can be done anonymously.

Secure payment

With Bitcoin you can pay immediately without having to provide your personal information. In online payments, this increases your security as unsupported data cannot be misused.

With Bitcoin you can start paying an easy way. On the web, you can easily pay with a payment program or app. When paying in a store or for example a computer store that allows Bitcoin payments – you will be able to use your smartphone to perform a payment in just a couple of clicks.

Normally, the transfer of euros or any other currency to foreign countries is costly and slow. Bitcoin will make your payments over the internet. Just like the mail nowadays via email. For less than a cent, within a few minutes your transaction will arrive on its location. Also, like euros, you can save or invest Bitcoins. The services that make this possible are now offered worldwide and there are many dozens of exchange markets where you can handle or speculate with Bitcoins.


Bitcoins are saved in a digital wallet or wallet. There are different types of wallets available and you can easily use them. When you have a digital wallet, you can receive, transfer and save Bitcoins. You can buy bitcoins on the internet or from other Bitcoin users for cash.