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Western Sahara (proposed state) Cyber Army

The cyber power of Western Sahara (proposed state) depends on a lot of things like budget, technology and knowledge of the fifth domain.

In Western Sahara (proposed state), the following languages are spoken:

Hassaniya Arabic, Moroccan Arabic

The cyber power of Western Sahara (proposed state)

It is important for cyber conflict to keep your code and attacks hidden. In the most parts of the world people are able to read Spanish and English, now imagine if an Asian country would initiate an advanced persistent threat.

The code will be in the language of the author, this will make it harder for English speaking countries to decrypt or reverse engineer the attack.


Does Western Sahara (proposed state) own a large cyber army?


If yes, you can find additional information below:

—Please do note that we LOVE user feedback. So if they do own a cyber army, and we have made a mistake. Please share the official link of the cyber army page.

Budget and force of strongest armies

country listing cyber army

In the list above you will be able to view the armies which have a big budget.

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