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Websploit: The all in one MITM framework

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Download the latest version of Websploit for free. This MITM Framework allows you to spoof, sniff, scan and much more via a simple and straight forward terminal interface.


Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) is an attack technique where the attacker is located between two parties, for example an internet shop and a customer. The attacker impersonates the customer as the store and vice versa. As an intermediary, the attacker can eavesdrop and / or manipulate exchanged data.


Websploit is a high level MITM framework.

Installation of Websploit

Manual install via git :

$ git clone
$ cd websploit
$ python install

Execute via command line :

$ websploit

install via apt:

$ apt-get install websploit

Download Websploit
Share this with people that should know this: