Weapons found in SkyECC Raid in Rotterdam

The Dutch police has found multiple weapons after they raided multiple targets based on the SkyECC data. On Monday, March 8, three men (21, 43, and 53 years) without permanent residence or residence were arrested after lengthy investigations on suspicion of drug trafficking. After the arrest, the police ended up with the fourth suspect, a 45-year-old man from Rotterdam. In his home, the police found 75 kilos of cocaine, 1.5 million euros and a firearm. The stuff has been confiscated. He is suspected of drug trafficking, money laundering and possession of firearms.

In their tweet they share that based on the information from Argus, the Police of Rotterdam was able to arrest four suspects. Earlier this week, 6 other suspects were arrested. All of them are being detained and will be brought to trail.

Found weapon
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The four suspects were brought before the examining magistrate by the public prosecutor on 11 March. He has decided that they will be detained for 14 days longer.

The six suspects who were arrested last Wednesday also remain in prison for 14 days longer. The examining magistrate has decided this today. The suspects are men aged 28 to 55 and come from Rotterdam, Rozenburg, Dordrecht and Capelle aan den IJssel. They are suspected of corruption, drug trafficking, possession of firearms and participation in a criminal organization.