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Watch torrent movies instantly with Popcorn Time

The website is providing an awesome application which is called “Popcorn Time”. Popcorn time is an application which allows users to watch movies instantly.

The movies seem to get collected from various Torrent websites, the torrent files is then streamed to your Popcorn Time application, which allows you to watch the “movie” instantly.

The PopCorn time application is very easy to use, and it is free to use. The developers claim that they have build in a VPN which allows you to use the application in an anonymous way.

Popcorn time Anonymous via VPN
Popcorn time Anonymous via VPN

The application provides great movies in an awesome catalogue, without any restrictions. The PopCorn time application automaticly downloads the selected subtitle for the movie which you want to watch. Believe me, when I say it is really easy to use!

Popcorn time can be used on these devices
Popcorn time can be used on these devices

Popcorn Time in action



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