Watch Dogs: [email protected] has stopped working

Watch Dogs game

The latest game which has been released on the torrent website is the ‘Watch Dogs’ game. As we keep track of the malicious files that are being shared on the internet, we decided to download the full Watch Dogs game from the Torrent website so we could research it for malicious content.

Once you take a look at the Watch Dogs game, you will see that the files are zipped. The files that are included in the Watch Dog torrent file are:

  • Open only part 1 (txt file)
  • READ me first (txt file)
  • Visit website (hyperlink)
  • Watch Dogs nosTEAM.part 1 (exe)
  • Watch Dogs nosTEAM.part 2 (zip)
  • Watch Dogs nosTEAM.part 3 (zip)
  • Watch Dogs nosTEAM.part 4 (zip)

Watch dogs full game

We have checked the file on virustotal for malware, and we found no malicious codes which will harm the user. The virustotal anti-viruses did respond to the fact that the game has been altered.

[email protected] has stopped working

Once we installed the application on the computer and run the game, we received the following warning:

[email protected] has stopped working

We were able to resolve this by restarting the environment.

Method one: 

Close all other applications which are running on the background. Run the game as Administrator.

Method two:

Search for the latest drivers. Watch Dogs is a new game, it might be that extra drivers are needed for the Watch Dogs game. Go to ‘Control Panel’ and hit the ‘update’ button.

Method three: