WARNING: WiFi Hotspot ‘FREE_WIFI_abc12345’ will get you hacked

Beware of WiFi hotspots which contain ‘FREE_WIFI_abc12345’ in their name.

The reason for this warning is the fact that the mentioned SSID name is setup by the Photominer malware. The Photominer Trojan tries to mine Monero mines which is another cryptocurrency.

But that is not the only thing which the Photominer malware does – it also setups an SSID with the name ‘FREE_WIFI_abc12345’.


This SSID is crafted by the malware and it’s only reason is to enable itself to infect other device via the WiFi environment.

So in simple words; if you see ‘FREE_WIFI_abc12345’ in your WiFi list, do not connect to it. It will get you hacked.

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