[WARNING] TMZ, Photobucket and International Business Times served malware for days

Over the last week, from Tuesday august 19th until Friday august 22nd, the Security Operations Center of Fox-IT’s ProtACT service observed multiple high-profile websites redirecting their visitors to malware.

These websites have not been compromised themselves, but are the victim of malvertising. This means an advertisement provider, providing its services to a small part of a website, serves malicious advertisement aimed at infecting visitors with malware.

While monitoring network traffic to and from workstations , FOX-IT observed a higher than usual amount of infections. When investigating these incidents in depth FOX-IT noticed that they were infected with advertisements served via high-profile websites. During this period at least the following websites were observed redirecting and/or serving malicious advertisements to their visitors:

  • Java.com
  • Deviantart.com
  • TMZ.com
  • Photobucket.com
  • IBTimes.com
  • eBay.ie
  • Kapaza.be
  • TVgids.nl



The aim of the exploit kit is to execute a malicious file on the visitor’s computer to infect them. The Angler exploitkit has been observed to deliver different payloads in the last few days. 

Read more via the FOX-IT report, which you can find here.

What to do

Scan your computer for malware!

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